Looking to practice law in a professional, results oriented practice that still maintained a collegial atmosphere and genuine care for their respective clients’ needs and goals, Christopher Daniels and David Wymore formed Daniels & Wymore, PLLC in April of 2007.  Daniels & Wymore, PLLC, or more simply, D&W, is a small and dynamic business and commercial law firm located in Plymouth, Minnesota.  D&W specializes in meeting the legal needs of a small to large businesses and their owners and employees.

     Here at D&W, clients are not dollar signs walking in the door.  Christopher Daniels and David Wymore, as business owners themselves, understand the pressures that running a business can bring and the limited time and knowledge that most business owners are able to bring to bare on the complex legal issues that can plague even the most successful business.  Our goal at D&W is to provide ethical, tenacious, timely, and cost-effective legal representation, so you can get back to what you do best, running your business.

     We do not stop there, however.  At D&W, we take what we believe is a uniquely proactive approach to not only resolving your legal concerns, but helping you grow your business through collaboration with qualified and vetted business professionals in a vast variety of fields.  Whether you business needs a new accountant or business insurance agent, to the owner who needs complex estate planning to ensure that his or her successors are prosperous in the future while protecting the owner’s legacy, D&W can help you solve a wide array of problems and issues that businesses run into on a day-to-day basis outside of the legal realm.  At D&W, we do not just find legal solutions, we find business solutions.