2 Reasons you need an NYC Shoplifting Lawyer

In New York, shoplifting is a crime that attracts serious penalties which include potential jail term and fines. Besides, merchants can also sue shoplifters to recover their damages in the merchant civil court. Shoplifting in New York is a larceny offense. Larceny is a crime committed when the offender wrongfully withholds or obtains another person’s property with an intention of depriving the owner of the property.

According to the New York criminal laws, shoplifting comes with varied criminal penalties depending on the value of the property stolen. The laws categorize the offenses as either grand larceny or petit larceny. Grand larceny is shoplifting of property valued at more than 1000 dollars while petit larceny is shoplifting of property valued at 1000 dollars or less. Petit larceny attracts punishment of up to one year in jail while Felony also known as Grand larceny attracts long-term jail terms and various major penalties.

For this reason, when you are charged with a shoplifting offense, you need to seek the services of an experienced NYC Shoplifting Lawyer, because apart from the fines and jail term, the charges have the potential of damaging your career. If the offender happens to be an immigrant, his or her status in the country can be in contention.

As you can see, the consequences of this crime are grave to be taken lightly because it has the potential of adversely affecting your life. If you hire a qualified NYC shoplifting Lawyer, he or she can be the difference between serving a jail term and walking free with your dignity intact.

Why you should hire shoplifting lawyer

• Protecting yourself against conviction

As you can see, shoplifting charges can have widespread consequences in your career and life. Shoplifting criminal record can make it hard for a qualifying student from getting gainful employment or loans. This is why you should hire a skilled NYC Shoplifting Lawyer who knows what he or she can do to help you avoid the consequences of the charges as much as possible.

The lawyer should be highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling shoplifting cases to ensure their clients avoid the outcomes of conviction and the possible immigration issues that might arise for the noncitizens. Do not be like many people who only seek legal counsel after they are convicted so that the attorney can help remove the sentence from their record. Doing this is often expensive and difficult.

  • Getting civil and criminal defense for the larceny cases
    Many at times, merchants often file civil cases against offenders accused of shoplifting according to New York General Obligation Law. This charge often occurs at the same time as the criminal charges against you. When you have a qualified NYC shoplifting lawyer you are assured of proper presentation for both cases which in turn saves costs and time of getting separate attorneys. This also helps you get proper legal presentation which protects your rights and prevents conviction getting on your record. Call Greco Neyland, PC Criminal Defense Lawyers today, and let a qualified attorney handle your shoplifting case.